I love yoga.  And I love to write.  After that my passion for these disciplines is such that I find it hard to put in words.

There are joyous moments in teaching when ‘it’ happens.  A student has a shift in perspective, moves deeper into her body, feels a new flow of energy.  And there are those glorious, rare moments in writing when the characters take over and the words flow.

I live for those moments.

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania I would have never predicted this life. My friends and I guessed, as young girls in the early ’70′s, that there would be husbands, some kids, split level homes and probably a few shaggy dogs.

I watched Kim and Barbara, Becky and Patty move into their dream lives.  I tried to move into mine.  But after college and a very brief marriage I decided I had some things to get out of my system first.  I could settle down later – the type of life my friends had already settled into surely would be waiting for me when I was ready.

Many years and adventures later – including ten years in Donegal, Ireland – I have to admit that the choices I made, the path I carved with the tools I was given, has meant the life I believed I wanted is on hold.  In its place is this incredible, unconventional, vibrant existence.

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