My intention, when I sat down, was to write a post for the other blog, Practically Twisted.  That’s a lie.  My intention, when I sat down, was to meditate.  Neither happened.  This happened instead:  I sat on the floor and opened my laptop.  I began to write in paragraphs. It didn’t work.  I kept pulling words away; skimming stuff from the surface.  I boiled it all down to gold and ash.

I’m never going to call myself a poet.  But sometimes a deeper meaning is found with fewer words.


Gold and Ash

Our spirits know this.

We share every moment.

We touch. Embrace.

We endure.

We cry for the child ten thousand miles away and throw hateful glances at our neighbor.

We know this.

We know days that shine with clarity.

We know days that drop us to our knees.

Life is joy and hope and anticipation.

Life is wonder and terrible fear.

My life is the breath of meditation.

It is chaos.

My life is gold and ash.