So today was sorta interesting.

This morning, in an act of desperation – apparently I am so desperate to call myself published that I will do anything – I applied for a freelance job with one of those websites that pay pennies for your paragraphs.  Seriously.  On top of that, they keep the rights and the author receives no credit for their work. Like I said – I was feeling a little desperate.  But more on that later.

I arrived at work, eager to teach.  One of my students said,

“You know, you look just like that actress…you know…that one in that Keanu movie…the one about surfing…”

Point Break?”

“Yeah, that one.”

“Really?”  My ego massaged, I wondered what actress she meant, and couldn’t wait to Google the movie to find out.  And then she said,

“Yeah…I bet you looked just like her before you were old.”


Taught.  Taught again.  Grabbed a salad for lunch.  Massaged.  Purchased a birthday present for a friend. Taught again.  Came home.  Checked emails.

There was an email waiting for me from the website.  Yay!  Despite their terms, and despite my better judgment, I was excited.  I opened the email, eager to begin my new writing life.  And guess what?  After sending them a writing sample, links to both blogs and a full resume.  THEY TURNED ME DOWN.

I’m rolling with it.  Life is good…and has better things in store for me.  But it was an interesting day.


And if anyone’s curious – I’m fifty-two next Wednesday.

ps…and I don’t look anything like Lori Petty.