Margaret with her son, daughter and extended family.

Wednesday the tenth of March, 2010 was a good day.  A humbling day.
The fun highlights are easy:

Meeting Margaret’s two sisters who light up a room.  I learned that you can be over thirty and still rock skinny jeans.  The proof is in the photo.  Oh, I also learned that Bikram yoga could very well be a fountain of youth.

Watching a caravan of fifteen tour busses with a police escort leave The Gaylord. And being in one of them.

The bus driver who, when asked about dogs completing our security check answering, “they just dive underneath and take a sniff.”

Posing for photos.

Watching sparkling eyes light up even more when Baymates who hadn’t seen one another for over sixty years recognized friends they thought they had lost.

Recognizing Margaret in the WASP 44-W-5 Yearbook not by the photo but by the quote!

Margaret meets Dot Swain at her Class 44-W-5 Reunion

It was the caption, not the image, that convinced me it was Margaret!

The other highlights are still being processed.  I still can’t express how if feels to be welcomed by Margaret’s family.  I’m overwhelmed by gratitude and I recognize that this was a once in a lifetime moment.

And I need to revisit what I wrote about family a few days ago.  I still believe we can create our own and redefine what “family” is, but I’ve also learned that when there is family, and when they gather, they are FAMILY and it’s different from the people we love and gather around and call “family”.  It turns out blood is thicker than water – and I take comfort in that fact, even though it means there are some experiences others take for granted that I will only enjoy from a distance.

But I won’t be climbing into a B-17 anytime soon, either, and that doesn’t bother me one darn bit. I’ll leave the flying up to all the pilots in Margaret’s outstanding family (and you wouldn’t believe how many there are…makes you wonder if the love of flight is genetic?)