It’s going to be a great day….oh please let it be a great day.

Margaret, MT and I arrived at The Gaylord exhausted from too much travel and too little food.  We were delivered to our rooms, we unpacked, we collapsed into bed and…well, I’d like to say we fell into a deep and restful sleep but the truth is the three of us were possessed by a weird anticipatory giddiness and couldn’t sleep. At all.

So when the sun broke through the crack in our curtain we rolled out of bed even though our bodies were drunk on Monday’s constant movement and our circadian rhythms believed it was 3:30 in the morning.

I’m waiting for my constant companions to leave for Margaret’s smoke break.  Eighty-six years old and still smoking.  Who am I to tell her to quit?

Our first event today begins at 2:00 when we arrive at the Air Force Memorial for a Remembrance Ceremony followed by a Welcome Salute Reception at the Women’s Memorial.