Margaret with our Pilot and Co-Pilot

Our pilot and co-pilot out of San Jose take time to pose for a few photos.

I realize now why Margaret and her daughter invited me along.  Margaret is a bit suspicious, and MD (she prefers her full name not be used) leans a little toward paranoia.  Not unhealthily, mind you, but enough that they needed a bit of Mimm to balance it all out.

I can’t help but be an optimist.  I expect the best and quite often forget to prepare for the worst.  Margaret and MD expect the worst and are pleasantly surprised when everything runs smoothly. So we make a good team.

After the Super Shuttle Ride from Hell (our driver was a little on the wild side and I questioned the road worthiness of the van…now who’s being suspicious?) we arrived at San Jose Airport.  I’m the designated navigator, leading the way from ticket counter to gate.

Everything went as planed, no hiccups, and we were allowed to board the plane early.  The Captain and Co-Pilot discovered who Margaret was and came to have photos taken.  It was wonderful.  I had my camera, but what surprised me was the Co-Pilot, Lynn P. brought out HER camera for a photo op.

Before take off, the Pilot announced the Margaret was on board, and talked a little bit about the WASP.  The plane erupted in applause that brought me to tears.


We had a very bumpy landing but it was worth it.  Margaret had a reception of flag waving Texans that applauded her, photographed her and one exceptionally handsome man (and what man isn’t handsome in a fabulous uniform) handed her a yellow rose.

I always wanted to ride in one of those electronic airport buggies and being Margaret’s Number One Groupie gave me an opportunity.  It was festooned with red, white and blue ribbons and photos of WASP.  We were taken to the “Canteen” and served coffee and cake.  Other WASP had come through during the day and a few more were expected, but while we were there, Margaret was the star.  And what a star.  She sure shines bright.