Peggy Phelan, 1944

In 1944 Margaret Phelan decided she needed a little more adventure.

Margaret Phelan Taylor, 2009

In 2008, when I first met her, she told me about her “little adventure”   and it became the inspiration for my novel When We Come Home.

A few months ago Margaret received a   letter from Nancy Pelosi that she assumed was just more political junk mail.

She was wrong.

On Monday, March 8th Margaret, along with her children and Number One Fan (that    would be me) will board an airplane headed for Washington DC.

We’ll meet a huge contingent from the Phelan/Taylor clan.  Friends who  haven’t seen one another for over sixty years will reunite.

And then we’ll celebrate their courage and mourn the ones lost.  We’ll  stand, full of pride, and let our tears fall.

The Official Invitation

The Golden Tickets