I slept around a lot in January.  Yeah, I know, I could have perfected my pitch. Or spell checking my synopsis.  But instead I had the pleasure of spending a few weeks with Koko the Arthritic Calico, Kacie the Cockapoo – whose adorable snoring can wake the dead, Buster the Scottish Fold who’s more like a furry “Little Buddha” and his pal Dolly.  Dolly is a rare breed of cat.  As well as mastering the art of purring, demanding attention and jumping on your lap if you’re trying to read, she has a head fetish.

Yes, you read that right.  I had moved in to Buster and Dolly’s home for a weekend while their human companion’s were away.  We were settling down to a “Bones” marathon when I felt two paws on my head.  I didn’t think much about it.  And then the nooshling, massaging and licking began.  Still, I didn’t mind.  I wasn’t going anywhere – what’s a little cat spittle among friends?  Besides, I’ve known Buster and Dolly for about a year and they both have me firmly wrapped around their paws.

I would have allowed her to backcomb me into a beehive with half a can of Aqua Net if she wanted to.  But Dolly Scizzorpaws had other plans.  Apparently all the nooshling and massage wasn’t her tapping into a past life experience as a hairdresser. It was an attempt to tenderize.  Dolly wasn’t prepping me for a Little Kitty Hair Show.  She was treating my scalp like a piece of Kobe beef.

I didn’t realize this until she tried to sink two fangs into my now very tenderized scalp. Fortunately I have a hard head and she didn’t draw blood.

And that’s what happened to January.  While pretty much the entire population of Palo Alto and its environs took off for parts unknown, I remained behind to make sure cats were fed, litter boxes cleaned, dogs were walked and poop was – um – responsibly disposed of.

But now I’m home.  Surrounded by my “things” and finding my way back to Routine.