Which brings us to February.

I’m loving February.  Just one week old and already filled with good news.

  • The poem that I submitted to the San Francisco Writer’s Conference Anthology, The Black Hills Line, was selected as a finalist.
  • Green Acres, the new novel I’m writing, was also selected as a finalist in the SFWC Writing Contest.
  • Plus I’m getting a tax refund this year.  Of course, that has nothing to do with writing, but it’s still good news.

Of course I recognize that being a finalist is not the same as being published, or winning a prize, but it’s a grand leap from where I was just sixteen months ago.

Back then I had a notebook, a pen and an idea. Now I have When We Come Home ready to meet the world and the first chapters of Green Acres.

I also have this odd rumbling confidence that I really like the feeling of.

Remember all that whining a few posts back, when I thought When We Come Home wasn’t ready for SFWC?  I was wrong.  This is the perfect moment to take Maggie’s story to agents and editors.

I’ve been working with members of my critique group (thank you, John, Kathy and Terry!) and have polished the first fifty pages until they shine.  I have a great pitch and a synopsis that, with a few tweaks, is going to tell just enough of Maggie, Ben and Tom’s story to keep agents wanting more.  I can do this.  Yes I can, yes I can, yes I can.  And if I can do it, so can you.