For forty-five years – pretty much since the time I learned how to form perfect letters with my fat green pencil on a sheet of pre-lined newsprint, I’ve been keeping lists.  Especially this time of year. 

And, yes, there will be another list in 2010.  But this time I will not be disappointed.  This year I will not be heartbroken as the months tick by and so many of the goals I’ve set for myself remain unfulfilled.
Nope.  This year I’m beginning with a blank sheet of paper.  It’s genius, really.  This year, each time I take another action to move my life forward in a positive direction, I’m going to write it down.  In twelve months time, the only things I’ll see on my list are things that I did.  My own little “Roll Call of Accomplishment”.  Maybe not all of them will work out as I planned, but the final list will be there to remind me – I took action.
I’m giddy with excitement as I already have two on my list, and we still have a week before the New Year!
  1. I printed out the application form to the teacher training program I want to attend this summer (see yesterday’s post).
  2. I entered a contest to be a guest blogger for Yoga Journal.
Yay for me!  Time for celebratory walk at Shoreline.
Happy Holidays, everyone!