At least I thought I did.  I figured it just wouldn’t take me that long to make a list of ten agents who might be happy to accept a query letter from me.

Two days later…

I have my list of ten…ok… eight agents.  The thing is, each agent requests a different approach. Some want a query letter. Some want a query with synopsis.  Some want the first fifty pages. Some want a synopsis and first chapter.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

So here’s my plan.  I’m going to prepare for any eventuality.

I’m writing a query letter.  And a one-page synopsis.  After that, a short synopsis and then the synopsis of my dreams.

Meanwhile, I’m going to polish those first fifty pages until they shine like diamonds.

And then, from my list of eight, I’m going to choose one agent.  I don’t want to be sending out the same boring and impersonal query to everyone.  I have to find a way to personalize it.  Nathan Bransford’s blog has been a big help in this direction.

Agents are not replicons and while multiple submissions are the norm they shouldn’t be identical.  Once I have a strong, basic query, I can fine tune each letter according to each individual agent’s tastes.

Wish me luck.