That’s me.  The little engine that could.    I chose a freelance life, or maybe I wandered into it.  Whatever happened, here I am, halfway through my life.  I’ve been a yoga teacher for almost twenty years, a massage therapist for ten, and brave enough to call myself a writer for one.

I tend to take too many projects on at once, say ‘yes’ when I mean to say ‘no’.  I’m working on it.  Who isn’t?  We all tend to push ourselves too hard, don’t we?

I’m social-media curious and believe it’s changing the way we define publishing forever.

And so, here I am.  Beginning again.  Boiling things down.  I’m learning new skills and trying to maintain my focus.

I’m wrapping up the first draft to my debut novel When We Come Home.  It’s the story about three friends who meet a few months before America enters World War II.  One joins the Army and flies B-17’s, one is interned with his parents at the Heart Mountain Camp in Wyoming and my main protagonist, dear Maggie, joins the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASP).

I’m also working on two non-fiction book proposals – but more about them later.

My goal is to have all three projects ready to bring with me to the San Francisco Writer’s Conference in February.  This blog will be what all blogs are, a diary of sorts.  The story of a woman in mid-life navigating unchartered territory.

I’m working hard, and feel so fortunate to be working hard.