You know how it is.  You wake up, eager to face your writing day.  OH but wait – aren’t there dishes in the sink that need washing?  OH that’s right – I have to fold the laundry.  OH dear – I forgot to go food shopping.

Procrastination, thy name is Mimm.

I’m supposed to be writing a Chapter Synopsis for When We Come Home.  It needs to be ready for my Writer’s Critique Group, which meets on Wednesday. 

Now how could I possibly do that with this mess:

Of course, the mess wasn’t here a moment ago. At least not until I decided it was time to dip into Time to Write by Kelly L. Stone.  It’s one of my favorite books on how to organize your writing time and goal setting.  The jacket cover promises “No excuses.  No distractions.  No more blank pages.”

The truth is, I’ve been floundering for the past couple of weeks.  Research has slowed down my word count, and other project deadlines are looming.  A friend has encouraged me to apply for a fellowship, and I have two non-fiction proposals that I’d like to have ready, in addition to this novel, for the San Francisco Writer’s Conference in February.

That’s a lot of work.  After all, I’m  “just a girl from a trailer park with a dream.”  But I like to dream big. (Speaking of girls from trailer parks, I’m looking forward to seeing Hilary Swank in “Amelia”).

As the hours passed the mess began to make sense and the goals became clearer.  
Until, at last, I had this:

And this posted on my wall:

And that’s my day.  Not a word written.  I think that sometimes that’s okay.  What I lost in word count I gained in a clear sense of what needs to happen – the steps I need to take – for those big dreams to come true.