I feel backed up. No – not that way. The plumbing’s working just fine, thank you. The words – the words are backed up. Twenty four hours to drag out 600 kicking and screaming nouns, verbs, modifiers and dangling participles? Ridiculous.

I think a change of scenery is precisely what is needed. So I’m off to Fort Mason today with my friend Christine to visit the Art and Craft Show.

I’m trying to quell the nagging voice inside me. You know the one. It’s that little brat who says mockingly “Well, who said you could write a book anyway?”

My life coach (if I had a life coach) would probably ask me to just give that kid a kick in the rear and banish her from my brain.

Wait a second. Ok. Did that.

And then my life coach (if I had a life coach) would probably ask me to replace that snotty little smarty-pants with someone who inspires confidence.

Because the memory is still so fresh, I’m going to replace her with Joyce Maynard. Not because I’ve read all her books. I haven’t. Not because we’re best buddies. We’re not. It’s just that I go back to the talk she gave again and again – particularly the moment when she said,

“The stillness is important.”

The Stillness is Important.

We’re drawn to the things we need, and what I need right now is just that. Stillness. I need to back away from the computer, the written notes, the to do list, the 14” screen, the close focus. My head needs a day when I can look out, not down. My arms need to rest by my side, not at right angles with elbows resting on a desk. My legs need to move and my heart needs to beat with the rush of inspiration.

I’m closing down shop for the day.

Cue sound of maniacal laughter.