Tried to write today. I tried all day long. I managed a 400-word parable only because I was on a deadline. And then…nothing.

There are five rambling documents stored in my ‘current projects’ file – a total of sixteen meandering paragraphs written over the course of ten hours that I couldn’t quite bring myself to delete.

What I did instead was eat a five-ounce bag of Boulder Canyon Rice and Adzuki Bean Snack Chips (chipotle cheese flavor). They had everything going for them. Zero Trans Fats! Zero Cholesterol! All Natural Ingredients! They had to be good for me. They had beans in them, for Pete’s sake! Everyone knows beans are healthy.

My waterlogged phalanges have now swollen to the size of pork sausages. I’m typing this with a pencil typed to my nose. I’m wondering if there’s some connection to the 2,000 milligrams of sodium I ingested today. Nah…..

To be honest, I enjoyed every single bite of those Boulder Canyon Rice and Adzuki Bean Snack Chips. The only thing missing was a nice, creamy dip.

And I guess I’m ok with not being as productive as I hoped to be today. Tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep, I’ll start a new day, with a clear head, and fingers that can bend.

Until then, I’m just going to have to let these ideas doing a backstroke in my brain keep swimming.