The Muse woke me up at four a.m. this morning. Or maybe it was my bladder. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Glowing ever so faintly but nearly perfectly formed in my brain was my solution to The Well Seasoned Yogi.

Sleep and stillness are wonderful gifts for the subconscious – portals for ideas.

My problem is, I’ve always been great at writing a title. In my life there have been scores of fantastic titles followed by thousands of blank pages. And who can’t help but fall in love with The Well Seasoned Yogi as a title. I mean, seriously – it’s layered with meaning.

After The Muse paid her visit I crawled back into bed. And couldn’t sleep. Of course not! A person dismiss a visit from The Muse so lightly. I had one thing to do before sleep could return. I turned on the desk lamp, grabbed my notebook and wrote down every detail.

So here’s my new challenge. The San Francisco Writer’s Conference is in exactly six months. Can I have proposals for The Well Seasoned Yogi and Practically Twisted written in time?

Of course I can. It’s dawn of a new day. I can do anything I want.

At this point it would be very easy to slip into the “let me tell you how screwed up 2008 was.” But that would be too self-indulgent. Let’s just say that when I saw the opportunity to turn a corner I took it, at speed, tires squealing. I made a choice – the second half of my life would be a thousand times more brilliant than the first. I promised to listen to my intuition a bit more and stay focused in the present rather than panicked about the future. I promised to accept challenges full on – to stop living a fearful life.

And so far, so good.

Do I have an agent? No. A publisher? No. For that matter, is the novel completed? No – but we’ve turned a corner on that, too. Book proposal for Practically Twisted? Nearly there. Well Seasoned? Just about.

Is there work to be done? Hmmm. Yeah, I think so.

Am I having fun?

What do you think?